Digital Engagement 

Using content and video to illustrate  complex stories in a memorable and engaging way. 

10 Ways to Use Content Clues 

1. Optimize for 500 words or less. 

2. Make it interactive (think Maglr) 

3. Text on oversized Images draw attention. 

4. Send long form content on weekends (higher time on page and engagement).

5. Put articles to music (hello Hamiltones) 

6. Pop up quotes as audio in articles  (listen)

7. Use charts and graphs every 35 seconds 

8. Personalize Video in Nurture Campaigns (Denver) 

9. News Narcissism (Female images, expert quotes, match the audience)

10. Strong  design and visuals reinforce. 

"A rough guide? Articles might generally hold attention for 41 seconds. Carefully crafted animated articles can outperform with an average of 74 seconds. Place an animation at 35 seconds to see if it extends your average."